ANZMOSS Public Bariatric Surgery Initiative – “Access to All”

ANZMOSS are committed to creating equal opportunity for all patients suffering obesity access to bariatric surgical care.

The Public Bariatric Surgery Initiative seeks to increase the provision of bariatric surgery in our public hospital systems.

Currently access to surgery for those unable to afford private care is limited by the number of services available. This need not be. Bariatric surgery can be delivered effectively, safely and sustainably in our public hospitals.

ANZMOSS surgeons are passionate in getting care to patients in need and see this initiative as a major priority.

See links below to useful resources including the National Public Bariatric Surgery Framework which provides an evidence based comprehensive consensus on patient selection, pathways and models of care.

  Public Bariatric Surgery Framework – Executive Summary

  Public Bariatric Surgery Framework – Full Report

  State Of The Nation

  Health Report


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ANZMOSS Public Bariatric Surgery Initiative – “Access to All”.


Recommendations for Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents in Australia and New Zealand