ANZMOSS Medicolegal Workshop 2024 WATCH THIS SPACE

20th July, 9am to 4pm
Intercontinental Double Bay Sydney

Registration $100


The workshop follows on from our very successful workshops run pre the annual ANZMOSS conferences.

This ANZMOSS endorsed one day workshop will discuss the issue of rising indemnity insurance rates for bariatric surgeons. There will be data which outlines the issue of rising costs to practice bariatric surgery and the effect this is having on the provision of this valuable treatment in Australia. There will be presentations around the type of cases that lead to litigation and this will lead to what we can do as surgeons to protect ourselves. A prominent case study will be dissected in detail. We will hear from all relevant parties including indemnity insurance companies who will provide their valuable perspective on the issue.

The workshop will include discussions around how to provide an opinion on a legal case with the acceptance that this is a skill that needs to be developed. Ultimately the workshop will try to address what we can do about this issue and how to best protect ourselves.

The key audience for the course is currently practising bariatric surgeons.

Program topics:

  • Lets define the problem: what are you paying? How much did it go up?
  • What sort of cases are we paying out? What are the trends on cases that come to litigation?
  • Case study
  • How to provide a legal opinion: it’s a skill that needs development
  • What can we do about this issue: how to avoid litigation

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Medico Legal Workshop

Premium Support Scheme

The PSS is an Australian Government scheme that helps eligible medical practitioners with the costs of their medical indemnity insurance. Eligible medical practitioners continue to see the benefit of the PSS through reductions in the level of premiums charged to them by their medical indemnity insurers. The Australian Government makes payments to medical indemnity insurers for the PSS.

Runoff Cover Indemnity Scheme

The ROCS is a scheme designed to provide secure insurance for doctors who have left private practice. The Government’s original package of medical indemnity legislation in 2002 addressed the affordability of medical indemnity for doctors and the industry’s long-term viability, in a period of upheaval. However, those who had left the medical workforce – including retirees, and those on maternity leave – often faced significant ongoing costs for “run-off cover” for incidents which had occurred during their careers but had not yet been notified to insurers. ROCS ensures that eligible doctors get medical indemnity cover that is secure and free and based on their last cover.

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