Associate Membership

This membership type is available to GP’s, anaesthetists and integrated health professionals such as nutritionists, exercise consultants, psychologists and administrative staff members involved in the care of the bariatric patient. Associate members will be non-voting members and will be elected by the same procedure for Regular Members.

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Upcoming Events

2021 Integrated Health Roadshow locations and dates include: Brisbane March 22 (Brisbane Registrations are now closed), Sydney May 28 (Sydney Registrations are now closed), Melbourne August 30  (see tab above to go more information)


2021 Annual Meeting
Theme: “Getting back on track”
27th to 29th October
Cairns Convention Centre
Hybrid conference – face to face with
virtual attendance
Registration will open April

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Bariatric Surgery Registry




ANZMOSS recognised Scholarships for current members.


Public Bariatrics


ANZMOSS Public Bariatric Surgery Initiative – “Access to All”.