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Membership of the Society will be by application
Membership will be open to all persons who are actively engaged in the field of Obesity surgery and management including research, education, counselling and therapy. No restrictions shall be imposed on any person by virtue of religious or political beliefs, gender, nationality, race or age, but the Society shall have the right to refuse membership to any person without assigning any reason thereof. Please fill out the application form relating to the particular membership type and send it to the email outlined in the application.

Memberships will not be activated until ratified by the ANZMOSS Board until a payment is received. 

There are three types of membership:

  • Full Membership
    Consultant medical practitioners with a significant interest in Bariatric Surgery practice who hold FRACS or equivalent.
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  • Associate Membership
    Available to to GP’s, anaesthetists and integrated health professionals such as nutritionists, exercise consultants, psychologists, nurses, and administrative staff members involved in the care of the bariatric patient. Associate members will be non-voting members and will be elected by the same procedure for Regular Members.
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  • Affiliate Membership
    Available to Fellows of RACS who have a specialist interest in bariatric surgery but who do not wish to be a Full Member; or a medical practitioner registered to practice in Australia or New Zealand who has a specialist interest in bariatric surgery, including such a practitioner who is undertaking a RACS surgical education & training (SET) program.
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  • International Membership
    Available to Fellows who have a specialist interest in bariatric surgery, nationality/citizenship is not Australia or New Zealand.  Must hold FRACS or equivalent.  International members will be non-voting members and will be elected by the same procedure of Regular members.   Please contact the ANZMOSS executive officer for details of application.

Subscriptions cover the calendar year (1 March to 28 February). A renewal notice will be sent to members in January each year, and members whose subscriptions remain outstanding at six months will cease to receive membership benefits until all outstanding fees have been received.

All new membership applications are ratified by the ANZMOSS Board

** These forms are for NEW membership ONLY.  NOT RENEWALS.  Please contact if you have not received your renewal notice**


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